Friday, July 3, 2015

Sheep in the Morning Prairie

Oil on linen on panel, 6  x 8 inches -- Click to Bid

A few weeks ago, my artist friend Hita and I visited another artist friend of mine, June, in Prairie City, OR, and did plein air painting together. June and I used to paint en plein aire together in the central Washington till last summer when she retired and moved to Prairie City where her sisters live. I was sad to lose my plein air painting buddy, but glad that she now lives in such a beautiful country side. I love visiting here and painting with her again. It was just before the heat wave started, and it was nice painting outdoors.

This is what I painted by a large private ranch on the hill. The owners were very friendly when we approached and asked for a permission to take photos of their animals on their property and paint by their pastures.

I loved these sheep, especially when they were marching toward the barn in a line. The field was so green, but I enhanced the "non-green" colors to make it look more interesting.

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