Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Studies of Chickens

Pen on Paper, 6 x 8 inches --

It was overcast and kind of rainy outside. So I invited some of our pet chickens inside the house while I was working on desk work. Bennie, the Golden Laced Wyandotte, was lying down right next to my chair, and didn't seem to want to go anywhere for a while. She just wanted to hang out with me. So I decided to do drawing of her from life. She was sitting still so long that I was able to do several drawings of her. Each time, I was getting a better sense of how much information I wanted to add, or how much is too much. I numbered each drawing. The figure number one had more information than I actually needed. And here's the last piece with longer sitting. After a while, she actually start getting impatient, and moved away. So that was the end of the drawing session. Thank you Bennie!

Here's a study of Leo, the rooster. He was standing in front of the deck, and standing very still for a long time, except turning his head side to side occasionally. I think he realized that I was drawing him, and wanted to pose for me.

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