Friday, March 7, 2014

Walking Around Eggshells

Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 6 inches -- SOLD

The Traveling Chicken and the flock are here in the central Washington, the home of my happy lap chickens.

My husband and I love alpine skiing. We went to 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort, north of Spokane, last week. I enjoyed skiing on the fresh powder and bumps on my brand new custom designed powder skis. I was inspired by the those bumps on the slope, and came up with the idea to use eggshells to suggest the bumps. Our chickens lay colorful eggs hence colorful bumps. I wanted to make these ceramic chickens look like skiers. But I decided not to put them on the fake skis for this piece.

I initially set up this still life stage for Ms Chicken and Senor Gallo walking side by side. But I didn't think it would make a compelling composition. It looked too busy among eggshells. So I removed Gallo, and focused on just Ms Chick this time. I felt sorry for Gallo for not being included in the scene. But Ms Chick know what she wants. She is not walking on eggshells, she's actually walking around them. Independent chicken. She knows that Gallo will be fine.

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