Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Study of Bride & Groom

Pen on paper, 5.5 x 8 in

This drawing is a study for a large oil painting commissioned by a Korean couple in the Eastern Washington to commemorate their recent wedding. I love creating pictures of happy moments of people, as well as animals. That's my art is all about.
  I realized how much I enjoy drawing, and I always did. I almost forgot that I used to spend hours and hours drawing with pens on sketch book at night, when I was young and had no access to personal computer or camera. I wasn't very good at expressing my self to the strangers, and drawing was the way to connect with them. Later that expanded to other forms of art, including dance and music. I belonged to the anime club and art at school all the way through high school, and drawing was my way of spending time at home. But now, I can work on drawing and painting, looking at perfect reference photos on my computer monitor, while listening to the Internet radio stations. Not much different, but way more convenient.

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AmyBuchheit said...

This is going to be a lovely painting, Naomi. Love seeing your work and hearing about what you are up to. Now that I live in Federal Way, I hope to get to see you on occassion! :-)