Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Rooster

Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 6 in. --

This is my little Welsummer rooster, Leo, in front of my studio. I took this photo a month ago. He's much taller than this now, and crows a lot during the day, just like a grownup rooster. He's been mostly hanging out with Nikki, a two-year old Rhode Island Red hen, who used to be at the bottom of pecking order before the three little chicks joined the flock this summer. I think they are married. I mainly used a photo as reference, but I had to step outside my studio to see the actual color of the grass and bird from time to time. I also placed a small plein air painting next to my easel to compare the colors. Maybe I'll just bring my easel out, if the weather is good.

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