Monday, April 23, 2012

Purple Tulips & Peter Rabbit

Pen on paper, 5.5 x 8 in.

It's been very warm for the last few days, and some flowers in the yard are blooming. These purple tulips we planted last year in our Rose Garden, have just joined the party today. The wind was calm, but the clouds were coming and going throughout the afternoon. It's not so great for painting from life when the ambiance, especially the lights, are not consistent. So I decided to draw on my sketchbook. I brought out a little tripod-chair. It took me a while to find a sun hat because I've never needed it this year yet.
  Half way through the drawing session, here comes a wild pygmy cottontail bunny. He moved into our yard a few years ago from no where, and became a good friends with our pet chickens ever since then. I named him (I suppose?) "Peter Rabbit." I've been always a big fan of bunny rabbits since I was very little. The character, Peter Rabbit, was always my hero, beside Bugs Bunny, and I grew up drawing and painting them all the time. It is exciting to have our Peter Rabbit at home. We even don't have to take care of him. He's very self-sufficient, other than taking advantage of our predator-free backyard.
  This time, the rabbit was hanging out just behind the tulips and eating grass. I was wearing dark glasses, and he probably could not see where I'm look at. I pretended I didn't care about him, but kept sketching him as quickly as possible on another page. Then I decided to juxtapose the rabbit behind the tulips to add narrative. I tried not loose track of his move, while moving my pen frantically over the paper. The rabbit also kept popping his head up to keep track of me. It was such a rewarding WOW experience.

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