Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Oil on linen on panel, 3 x 3 inches

This is probably the smallest oil painting I've ever  done. I saw this cat in our neighborhood. He looked so gorgeous, with long fluffy fur and white whiskers. I actually cut up an old oil painting to make 3x3 panels. The old painting was mounted on gator foam, and I cut it with my mat cutter. Since the canvas already had "underpainting," I saved a little time. You can see the base color showing in some places. I scratched the finish layer for his eyebrow and the inside of his ear. This was my first experiment with the M. Graham walnut alkyd medium. It dries noticeably fast, with a glossy finish.

This one and another piece will be available at the Debra Huse Gallery's Holiday Treasures Salon show in December.
This painting is a winner of Award of Merit!
Call 949-723-6171 for availability.

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